Fabtiko round alabaster sconce

Round Alabaster Sconce: Light Up Your Home in Style & Luxury


Hey design enthusiasts! Fabtiko Lighting here, your one-stop shop for stunning interior lights. Today, we're diving into the world of a lighting trend that's stealing the show: the round alabaster sconce.

These luminous beauties are popping up everywhere, adding a touch of timeless elegance and warm, inviting light to any space. But what exactly makes a round alabaster sconce so special?


Shining A Light On the Magic:

Alabaster, a naturally translucent stone, casts a soft, diffused glow when paired with a light source. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even bathrooms where you want to create a spa-like experience.

But the magic of the round alabaster sconce goes beyond aesthetics. They offer surprising functionality:

  • Versatility in Lighting Effects: Use them for ambient, task, or accent lighting depending on placement and wattage.
  • Mood Setting: The soft, diffused light creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
  • Zoning and Task Lighting: Strategically placed sconces can define zones within a room.
Fabtiko Round Alabaster Wall Sconces Lighting

Choosing Your Perfect Sconce:

Ready to incorporate a round alabaster sconce into your home? Here are some things to consider from Fabtiko Lighting:

  1. Size: Match the sconce size to the scale of your room.
  2. Finish: Alabaster comes in various finishes; choose one that complements your décor.
  3. Metal Accents: Consider how the metal finish on the sconce ties in with other hardware in the room.
  4. Light Source: Opt for LED bulbs for energy efficiency and a variety of color temperatures (warm or cool white).


Completing Your Interior Look:

Round alabaster sconces are statement pieces, but they shouldn't exist in a lighting vacuum. Consider incorporating other fixtures from Fabtiko Lighting to create a cohesive look:

  • Chandeliers: Add grandeur with a chandelier featuring similar materials or metal accents.
  • Pendants: Hanging pendants can add another layer of light and visual interest.
  • Recessed Lighting: Use recessed lights for overall task lighting.


The Final Touch:

Round alabaster sconces are a versatile and elegant way to elevate your home's lighting. They offer warmth, beauty, and surprising functionality. Fabtiko Lighting has a wide selection of round alabaster sconces to match your style and budget. So, ditch the harsh lighting and embrace the magic of a round alabaster sconce!


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